The headcount was wrong..

Two days ago this happened..

School run. Nothing unusual there.

Driving down the motorway we did the ‘Bridge Count’ game. The premise is quite simple; if we spot a bridge in the distance, we estimate how long it will take to get to it and start to count down.


For example, 10, 9, 8 e.t.c; with the aim of the game being to hit ‘1’ just as the car goes under the bridge. It took them a little while to figure that daddy was bending the rules a little with the accelerator and brake pedals to rack up the wins.

It’s a magnificent time killer.

After the drop off, I get on my way. I’m tired.

I pull up at work. Swing my car around into the yard and reverse into my allocated space.

Engine off, breathe.

But I’m not alone.

In my defence, he was uncharacteristically quiet and the lack of rapid fire questions such as ‘where’s that sheep’s mum?’, convinced me that I was alone.

Luckily nursery wasn’t too far from work.




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