I suffer occasional insomnia

Well, not occasional; I suffer with poor sleep more often than not. Especially when I have things on my mind.

I was always one to stay up late, even though I’m well aware of the necessity of a decent night’s sleep. In my current occupation, this can be a bonus, but after two decades, the joke is wearing a little thin.

tired out

The usual pattern is this;

  • Full day’s work
  • Home to cook dinner
  • Laptop out; more work
  • Bed for 22:00
  • Overthink
  • Asleep between 0:00 and 01:50
  • Awake at 05:30
  • Alarm at 06:00

It differs slightly if I have the cubs but not by much.

I’ve tried most things but refuse to be medicated – it’s just not my style…

Any tips?




5 Replies to “02:31”

  1. I just found your blog, and love your honest content! Hm…hard question though; I’m a bad night owl–sleep is sometimes my enemy. The best remedies for sleeplessness for me is talking to the Lord, reading the Bible, maybe remembering an old long ago memory (a happy one), drinking a glass of milk, or maybe even just calming myself by not worrying. For instance, if I worry about not getting any sleep, sleep becomes 100 miles farther away. I like to move away the clocks and remind myself that simply resting is good for my body as well. I hope your sleeplessness gets better my friend! 🙂 Make sure to blog when you find your perfect remedy! We’re all looking for one, hah!

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    1. Thank you. The silly thing is I know why I cannot sleep and I know that worrying solves nothing! Sometimes I can control my thoughts and rest easy but other times….
      I’ll be sure to drop in on your posts soon and yep; if the remedy comes to me I’ll spread the word! Have a blessed day. BSD

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      1. You are most welcome! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂
        I can understand that–I think that’s what makes it more annoying. We know the reason, but still can’t control it. Oh, thank you! Definitely lemme know if you do; I’d love your insight. 😀 And certainly do that. The world needs more rest, haha.


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