Gender bull

Youngest cub has a favourite toy.

It’s a radio controlled car that my brother-in-law bought him for Christmas.

He loves it.

The carĀ  is a 4×4, flippable, 360 thing that works whichever way up it is and can climb a multitude of obstacles.

We go through batteries like they were going out of fashion until I bought rechargeables, fearing that we may single-handedly destroy the planet. I didn’t want that on my conscience.

It’s really is rather good. That good, that big sister quite fancies having one.

I consulted Amazon.

Found it, or should I say, them.

Of the same theme but different sizes, colours and shapes. Result.

Then I found this one….



So unless it’s got pink wheels and has ‘girly’ patterns, females won’t be interested?

I call bull.

My daughter just wanted an orange one.


Ps. clicking the above clicks will generate affiliate fees and may go someway to overcoming my anger towards blatant gender stereotyping and other bull. Thanks.


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