I’ve noticed this..

This is an unexpected issue of being a single parent.

When you buy clothes for your cubs, they invariably end up at your ex’s house.

I’m guessing that this is more likely if the parental share is disproportionate.

If anyone has an idea how to rectify this, other than handing over naked cubs, I’m all ears.



7 Replies to “I’ve noticed this..”

  1. I think the biggest issue here is being able to communicate with the ex in a reasonalble manner to set up rules and expectations around clothing. It can easily and quickly devolve into an argument if communication is an issue between you. I remember this being an issue for me briefly. You can start by maybe requesting that the kids come home in what you sent them in and see where that leads. That was the arrangement that worked out for me.

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  2. So true. I admit it- I am guilty of sending the kids to school on dad days in their older, dad-purchased clothes, whenever I am able to. Sometimes, I take this even further and think to myself, as packing school lunches and snacks in the morning, “Half of these snacks are going to end up at dad;s house because the kids wont eat them at school.” And then I take a few out. Not sure if this is a #brokesinglemom thing, a pride thing, or some sort of unsuccessful revenge.

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    1. I try (but sometimes fail) to remain neutral, focusing purely on the cubs. It’s not perfect but more often than not it works. If your ex is anything like mine, they’ll trip up some other way as karma comes to call.


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