Top 10 tips…

To get you out of to the door in the morning!

  1. Be prepared! Uniform, lunches, bags, PE kit can all be prepared the day before;
  2. This means you too; get your things sorted in the evening. Place anything you need by the door if you’re forgetful;
  3. Be alarmed; set one; early enough to squeeze in a workout before the kids tangle you up;
  4. Get washed while they’re asleep! or #you might open your eyes and find someone, standing there…
  5. Wake your offspring! my cubs always get a rendition of ‘Good morning; good morning! you’ve slept the whole night through…’
  6. Open their bedroom curtains and elicit nature’s help (summer only);
  7. Remove covers and administer kisses;
  8. If you have more than one; divide and conquer. Take the more awake one for a wash. Their first and your second;
  9. Get ’em dressed! I find a black belt in any Martial Art will help here;
  10. Feed them. Take solace in the fact that whatever you put in front of them will be wrong.

Tomorrow; I will teach you how to get them out of the front door. And get yourself dressed.






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