Can’t Trump that..

Driving home from a classmate’s party, the news is on the car radio.

It’s the day of two big funerals in America; the music legend Aretha Franklin, and 2008 Republican Presidential Candidate Sen. John McCain. Both events caught the headlines here in the UK and my eldest listens with interest.

The newsreader comments on the links between both the recently deceased and the sitting president of the United States.

She knows who Aretha Franklin is, but asks me about Sen. McCain.

I enlighten her.

‘Was he a good person?’

Like most people darling, he did some good things and some bad things. He wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

‘I guess no one is good or bad all the time are they?’


She thinks

‘Has Donald Trump done something good dad?

We both think…

She turns to me.. ‘Does he brush his teeth? that’s a good thing isn’t it dad?’

I wouldn’t bet on it darling.