Fitness tips; putting the first things first

How fit are you? Be honest as you’re only kidding yourself.

  1. Adonis
  2. Work in progress
  3. Dad bod
  4. Stairs= Everest

If like me, you fluctuate between these 4 then don’t despair; I can teach you to be fit!

Disclaimer: will power needed.

For my beautiful children.

It’s not often I happen on a great idea but I know that this is one of them. Life has changed recently and I have gone from one important quarter of a family to a single dad.
It was my own choice and I have to clarify that this isn’t going to be a misogynist diatribe. Instead, it’s just my thoughts, as I struggle to adjust. And some recipies..


It’s been a month now, and for a while, my daughter has been asking me to bake with her. This isn’t an insurmountable task as I have lived alone before; but that was awhile ago…
Dinners are fine. I did some cooking when in the family home but never sweets. Never giving up is the key here, so I am on it.
Gingerbread men! Help me out here Google. Ok; a quick scan of the slowly filling cupboards reveals 95% of the ingredients – that’s close enough. Kindle open and we are on it. My son is asleep so we have about 1 hour to present him with the finished article. Ground Ginger. Similar to fresh surely? She can grate, being as it’s about inclusion. The base ingredients are in the bowl waiting.

Ok, so 6 year olds and graters don’t mix; despite numerous dad type warnings. Cue cuddles, kisses and 1 waterproof plaster. Cries for mummy are expected and irk me less 1 month in. Interest level is now at 0%, and her bedroom has all the attraction of a 5 star hotel suite. I’ll finish alone.